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Sexual health checks in Chessington

Ace Pharmacy can provide sexual health checks, chlamydia screenings and advice

If you would like to book yourself in for a sexual health check, get in touch with Ace Pharmacy today. We offer discreet services that can help you to enjoy your sex life responsibly and safely.

Sexual Health: Welcome
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Talk to us without inhibition

At Ace Pharmacy, we understand that sexual health can be a difficult subject to discuss. That's why we offer private and confidential services no matter what the problem is. Whether you want NHS prescription drugs for contraception or need advice on how best to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, we are here to help you.

We provide FREE NHS emergency contraceptives and offer advice on what kind of medical contraception is available and most suitable for you. You can also visit us for FREE NHS chlamydia screening tests.

Sexual Health: Prescriptions

Sexual health advice

We offer a discreet and expert services at all times

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Free for under 25s!

What sexual health help do we offer?

  • Emergency hormonal contraceptive

  • Testing and medication for sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia

  • Chlamydia screenings, treatment, and partner notification

  • Advice on protecting you and your partner


We offer a wide range of options

Help protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases with the help of Ace Pharmacy. We offer a range of contraception, as well as advice on how to protect yourself against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. We offer a wide variety of free condoms through the NHS for under 25s. Speak to us discreetly for sexual health advice.

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We offer screening, treatment and more

Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted disease with few or no symptoms, but it can cause serious complications in the long run. At Ace Pharmacy, we can clarify if you have the disease with our FREE chlamydia screening service for under 25s. In the even of a positive screening result, our professional team can offer advice, treatment, and partner notification. Talk to us today for more information.

Sexual Health: Services

Get in touch

We stock a wide range of FREE NHS medicine on prescription that is designed to treat sexually transmitted infections. Get in touch with Ace Pharmacy in Surrey for more details.

020 8397 4564

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