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Free flu vaccinations

Ace Pharmacy can help you to protect yourself

If you need seasonal flu vaccinations, look no further. Contact Ace Pharmacy today. We offer our services in Chessington Kingston upon Thames.

Flu Jabs: Welcome
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Flu Vaccinations at Ace Pharmacy

September 2022

You can book your appointment now or as soon as you wish
Free for those over 65 years old
Free for those with qualifying medical conditions
For non-qualifying adults a nominal charge applies

Flu Jabs: Prescriptions

Getting your flu jab

When, where and how - Ace Pharmacy has the answer

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When can I book my flu jab?

We offer flu vaccinations in preparation for flu season

In general, the flu season lasts from late September through late March. You can book your appointment for late September and onwards before flu season starts. Flu vaccine availability and vaccine stock levels can vary during flu season

Are you eligible?

Many people qualify for a free vaccination – do you?

Please check with us when you book your appointment if you are eligible for the free NHS flu vaccination - you can see the criteria above. At your appointment, you'll need to bring proof that you qualify for a free flu vaccination, such as proof of age or a reminder letter or text message.

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Flu Jabs: Services

Get in touch

Contact Ace Pharmacy in Chessington to book your flu jab today:

020 8397 4564

Flu Jabs: Text
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